Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy information for Parents & Guardians 

The Pupil Premium is an element of school funding aimed at narrowing the gap in attainment between certain disadvantaged groups of pupils and those who are more well off. In 2017-18 funding is calculated on the basis of £1320 for each pupil who has been eligible for free school meals in the past six years, and £1900 for looked after children in care for more than six months. There is a related Service premium for children of families in the armed services.

The funding is provided directly to schools, which decide how best to spend this according to needs. We review our allocation annually in order to meet the needs of Pupil Premium children effectively.  The Governing Body agree the Pupil Premium Action Plan and monitor throughout the year.  

The Pupil Premium is used at Kidmore End CE School:

  • to support teaching and learning
  • to raise attainment and achievement
  • to enhance self-esteem and positive attitudes to learning
  • to ensure access to a wide range of activities in and out of school
The pupil premium strategy for 2018-19, including evaluation of 2017-18 spending, can be found in the report here.
The pupil premium strategy for 2017-18, including evaluation of 2016-17 spending, can be found in the report here.

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