Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the Foundation Stage!

    Our Teachers are Mrs Hinnell and Mrs Bickerton

    Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Morris, Mrs Primrose and Mrs James.

  • Home Learning

  • Phonics

    Sounds of the week

    This week we are revising:                          This week we are Introducing:

    s a t p i.                                                                                               n m d. 

    • Maths


      This week we are matching and sorting a variety of items.  

      • WOW moments

        WOW Board


        We  have a WOW board in Foundation which is the wall to the left when you enter the classroom.

        Thank you to everybody who have made a contribution as we know the children are very proud of their successes and enjoy sharing these with the rest of the class.

        Has your child achieved something at home recently so that we can include it in their learning journey?

        This could be anything from learning to ride a bicycle, to using a knife and fork correctly. Allow us to celebrate your child's achievements and let us congratulate them at circle time.

        Feel free to write WOW moments in their reading logs or email Mrs Hinnell. 


        • Daily checklist

          Daily checklist:

          1. Packed lunch if not having a school dinner

          2. Water bottle

          3. Reading bag

          4.Waterproof coat