Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the Foundation Stage!

    Our Teachers are Mrs Hinnell and Mrs Bickertrton

    Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Morris, Mrs Primrose and Mrs James.

    • Home Learning March 2020

      Tuesday 17th March

      This week we are continuing our topic work on bears. We are re inventing the Bear Hunt story and thinking about different endings. We are writing some describing words from our stories. In maths we are thinking about weight, we are looking at things around the classroom and talking about whether things are lighter or heavier than given object. We have been using the pan scales to weigh porridge oats for Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear. 

      Tuesday 24th March

      This week the plan was to write some sentences from the Bear Hunt story. Some children would have a go at writing sentences from their re invented story- we invented a great one as a class last week "we're going on a dinosaur hunt, we're going to catch a tiny one, what a windy day, we are so excited!!!!" In maths the plan was to think about time- how long did the bear hunt take? What part of the day was it? Morning? Night time? Can we sequence events from different times during the day? When are we most likely to eat breakfast? Get dressed? Have tea? We  also planned to start our Easter craft projects- Easter Egg shaped cards, fluffy chicks and Christian crosses from Lolly sticks to put in our Easter gardens. 

      Week Beginning 30th March

      Please scroll down and click on the word/PDF document further down the page for some suggestions for this week. Enjoy! Lets hope the sunshine returns! :-)


      We have had a visitor to the Foundation Outdoor Area!!  Where did he come from?  Why is he here?  

    • Phonics

      Sounds of the week

      This week we are practicing:

      All phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and focussing on ur and ure. 

      • WOW moments

        WOW Board

        We  have a WOW board in Foundation which is the wall to the left when you enter the classroom.

        Thank you to everybody who have made a contribution as we know the children are very proud of their successes and enjoy sharing these with the rest of the class.

        Has your child achieved something at home recently so that we can include it in their learning journey?

        This could be anything from learning to ride a bicycle, to using a knife and fork correctly. Allow us to celebrate your child's achievements and let us congratulate them at circle time.

        We will put contribution forms in their bags from time to time but please feel free to collect these  from the board should you need any more.


        • Daily checklist

          Daily checklist:

          1. Packed lunch if not having a school dinner

          2. Water bottle

          3. Reading bag

          4.Waterproof coat

          PE kits should be bought in at the beginning of term and left in school.