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    Our teacher is Miss Dove

    Our teaching assistant is

    Mrs Wilson

    • Home Learning March 2020


      Monday - English

      Wednesday - Maths

      Friday - spellings

      In addition children are expected to work on their home topics.

    • Topic 3

      Star Of The Week!


      Star of the Week is awarded each week to a child for effort, attitude, behaviour or a specific piece of work. Every child in the class will receive a certificate for Star of the Week at some point in the year.


    • Sats Information

      Parents - the video and leaflet below will give you further information about this year's statutory assessment.  

    • Topic 6

      Woodlands 2019

      Woodlands website:

      Address: Woodlands OEC
      Glasbury on Wye
      Powys via Hereford
      HR3 5LP

      Monday - to be at school at 7.45  we are leaving promptly at 8.00.

      All been great so far. Apologies that this may not be updated regularly as Internet very dodgy at the moment. 2 groups are canoeing tomorrow and the other on high ropes course. 

      Tuesday - technology working today.

      Group 1 - Lara, Ethan B, Hugh, Ella H, Raephe, isabel, Ethan P, Isla, Oliver, Amelia and Clara have been on the high ropes course and the climbing wall today. excellent support given to each other, particulalry from Lara adn Clara.

      Group 2 - Lily Baker, Max B-Q, Olivia, Samuel, Daisy, Dom, Hermione, Laurie, Jacob all canoeing on the River Wye - really enjoyable day. Daisy and Lily great at lifting canoes, encouraging others.

      Group 3 also canoeing - Henry, Lily Blyton, Jonty, Campbell, Lucas, Ella K, Sophie, Max P, Flynn, Jessica,. Lucas helping to organise, plan amd encourage.


      Groups 1 and 2 were due to go caving today - they did get to the caves but due to a flash flood had to adapt the days activities slightly. they were able to go in a smaller side part of the cave and have then explored the waterfalls. it was felt by the instructors - one of whom is cave rescue that we would rather adapt the session than drown your children!  Jacob very helpful to his team. They all had a great time none the less. Group 3  were on the high ropes course - excellent work overcoming fears by Flynn and Campbell, both who were rightly proud of their achievements today.


      Today we hope the weather is on our side. group 1 will be canoeing, group 2 on the high ropes course and  group 3 will be hopefully heading to the caves although some have heard how interesting yesterday was and are hoping for a visit to the waterfall.

      Canoeing with group 1 - they all did really well as it was hard work as we had strong cross winds to contend with. Ella H thinks its the best day so far and now loves canoeing, Lara might take up canoeing. Ethan Peck starting to use initiative and helping others unprompted.

      Group 2 also had to contend with the weather in the high ropes course but all did brilliantly. Jason was so impressed he has given them all team points. I have not yet caught up with Mrs Wilson and the cavers but will update as soon as possible.

      Cavers went to a cave in the hillside where they spent a lot of time having to commando crawl through some quite small space - this involved lots of hard work and facing fears. Learnt lots of geology about cave formation and types of rock.

      Mrs Wilson provided our evening entertainment before our final night at Woodlands.

      On our return tomorrow please do not park in front of the school building as it prevents the coach from parking safely. we would also appreciate help getting luggage off the coach to enable us all to get home for some much needed rest.


      All the children will be going on a mountain walk to Hay Bluff. we are due to leave Woodlands at 3.00pm this afternoon  We will be dropping off our new friends from Long Wittenham first and hope to be at Kidmore End by 7.15., very tired and in need of a shower. 

      During this week we have been really pleased to see how well some children have embraced the challenges set; not only on the activities but living together, supporting and helping one another. Plenty to build on during the rest of Year 6.

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