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    Our teacher is Miss Dove

    Our teaching assistant is

    Mrs Wilson

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      Star Of The Week!


      Star of the Week is awarded each week to a child for effort, attitude, behaviour or a specific piece of work. Every child in the class will receive a certificate for Star of the Week at some point in the year.


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        Monday - English

        Wednesday - Maths

        Friday - spellings

        In addition children are expected to work on their home topics.

      • Sats Information

        Parents - the video and leaflet below will give you further information about this year's statutory assessment.  

      • Topic 6

        Woodlands 2018

        Woodlands website:

        Address: Woodlands OEC
        Glasbury on Wye
        Powys via Hereford
        HR3 5LP

        Monday - to be at school at 7.40.  we are leaving promptly at 7.50.

        We arrived safely, after a slight problem with the coach. luckily we were only 10 minutes from William Fletcher school ( who we are sharing with this week). We stayed at William Fletcher whilst the coach was fixed so all got to know each other very well.  night walk last night and the children settled well and all had a good nights sleep. Damp day so far this morning - we are either caving or canoeing today.

        One group has successfully been caving today, special mention to Elliott Deacon who was really helpful and to Paulina who despite thinking she was going to get stuck went through every challenge. The other Kidmore End children have been canoeing on the River Wye and had a fantastic day. Gabriella and Gemma tried to run swimming lessons for the others and all enjoyed going down the rapids.


        Caving group all fantastic - special mention to Katie who did all the challenges with a huge smile,; Jemima for taking responsibility for leading and supporting the group; Xander for getting on with it and Harry for tackling fear and not giving up. Canoeing group - Isaac for being the most helpful and enthusiastic member of the group. Jenna for sharing canoeing skills and for getting Mrs Jones very wet (Mrs Jones and Miss Dove evened the score). William for good teamwork.  The third group went mountain walking - all tackled tricky walk with enthusiasm, Alana was particularly efficient. ALL the children have improved their listening today.


        Miss Dove had to wake up the girls for the 3rd morning in a row, and the boys had to be woken this morning as well so all working very hard. An excellent days climbing - all of that group have now returned home.  The other 2 groups have been either mountain walking or caving, Also have learnt lots of geography. 

        Tomorrow we will all be climbing before setting off for home. we are expected to arrive at 7.15 - we will let you know via parent mail if there are any changes. Mrs Heffer will open the playground for car parking - please park there and NOT in front of the school as the coach will need to park there. The school building will be open. We would appreciate it if parents could help get suitcases off the coach. ALL children must see Miss Dove before they leave so we know they have been collected.

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