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    Our teacher is Miss Dove

    Our teaching assistant is

    Mrs Wilson

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      Star Of The Week!

      Isaac Davies


      Incorporating interesting an effective vocabulary in stories and for building suspense.

      Isaac Davies


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        Monday - English

        Wednesday - Maths

        Friday - spellings

        In addition children are expected to work on their home topics.

      • Sats Information

        Parents - the video and leaflet below will give you further information about this year's statutory assessment.  

      • Topic 6

        Woodlands 2017


        Pleae remember we are leaving at 8.00am. be at school for 7.50

        We have all arrived safely and had a great time at the centre. Some showers but it hasn't affected the fun. Some excellent problem solving, particularly from Daisy,  Henry and Molly. Everyone has eaten well at dinner and the night walk is under way. Tomorrow it is caving, canoeing and high ropes course in our groups. All the girls rooms are very tidy.


        Everyone settled well last night and got in a good night's sleep. Room inspection quite positive - the girls so far are much more organised and independent.

        So far had an excellent climbing session. Noah was the first to complete the wall. Special mention to Corey who overcame his fear of heights to reach the top of the climbing wall - twice. Amelia was fabulous at supporting others in the trees. One group went caving, Dami showed good interest in the geology part of  the day. Chloe overcame some fears and tackled the wormhole. The third group have been canoeing; it had to be on the canal this year as there was quite a lot of water in the river.


        Another busy day today. a very successful climbing group - Matthew is a natural climber. Katie and Henry overcame fear of heights. Alex managed to catch Jason Heffer on the high ropes.  In canoeing, again on the canal; Evie and Ollie lead confidently. Mrs Wilson was soaked by Isaac! John was soaked by Mrs Wilson. All trying hard to work in mixed teams. All of us are getting tired but having great time. Mrs Hull joining us tomorrow.


        Some brilliant climbing from John and Dami. Evie and Phoebe really challenged themselves on both jungle gym and climbing wall.  Enthusiastic caving, confidently led by Matthew.  All mountain walking tomorrow before settting home. so far they have been a pleasure to spend the week with.

        Estimated time of arrival tomorrow is now 8pm - Mrs Heffer will open the school at 7.45pm, but will text via PMX if there are any further changes. 


        The children are all set for a mountain walk. they will be looking at mountain formation and also getting inspiration for our art work on the Impressionists.

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