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      Allocation of Teams

      The school is divided into four teams: Jupiter - yellow, Mars - red, Saturn - blue & Neptune - green.

      Children are allocated a Team when they start in Foundation or when they join the school at a later stage. Where possible children of the same family will be allocated the same Team, whilst ensuring that the number of children is fairly balanced between each Team. Staff and Governors are allocated a Team too.  If the member of staff / Governor has a child in Kidmore End Primary School they will be allocated the same team.

      Allocation of Team Points
      Any member of staff can award Team Points to any child, at any time as a reward for trying their best, good behaviour or being helpful etc. The expectation is that children will be loyal to their Team and try their best to earn points for their Team by displaying good behaviour and attitudes. These points are recorded by the child’s class teacher before handing them over to Year 6 for collation. Children and Teams could also be awarded Team points at assembly for good behaviour and/or participation.

      Weekly Awards

      Each week, two Y6 children take responsibility for collecting and counting up the School's team points in preparation of our Friday assembly when the weekly winners are announced.

      Termly Reward

      The Team with the most points at the end of each half term currently have a ‘Non-Uniform Day’ - usually during the last week of term. 

      Sports Day

      The whole school participate in their team colours in our annual Sports Day and a cup is awarded each year to the winning Team.

      Our current 2019 joint champions - Jupiter & Neptune: