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    Our teacher is Mrs Ferguson

    Our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams

    • Home Learning March 2020

      Please find below links to programmes to support your child's learning , the logins are the same for all. If your child no longer has their username and login for mathletics  please email me.

      Work we are covering; 

      This week we are writing diary entries for the four days of the 'Great Fire of London',  remembering to write in the first person and the past tense.

      In maths we have been working on multiplication and division.

      In art we will be making houses from cereal boxes.

      Any research on the 'Great Fire of London.'

      Monday 23rd March

      Hope you all had a safe weekend.

      Spelling: look at homophones-words that sound the same but have different meaning and spellings

      Maths: time - o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. If are secure with these move on to 5 past etc.

      English: Write a story about the Great Fire of London, check for full stops, capital letters, spelling, commas in lists, interesting conjunctions, interesting adjectives.

      Creative: Build a model of pudding lane using paper, boxes, Lego or anything else you can find

      Monday 30th march

      Hi everybody here are some ideas for this week

      Spelling: look at past tense of words , words ending in ed

      Maths: time problems  eg if the train leaves at 10.30 and arrives at 11.o'clock how long does it take.

      English: choose your favourite character from the Great Fire of London research them and write about them.

      Creative : draw a picture or make a model of the old St Paul's cathedral and the new one and compare.

      Get plenty of exercise and look at the plants and animals in your garden .  

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      Homework either topic, maths or literacy homework will be given out each Friday and must be in by the following Friday after christmas

      Please remember your children still benefit from regular reading.

      • Topic 6


        At the end of Year Two children are assessed in English and Maths. These tests take place in the classroom, with the class teacher, and are not strictly timed.  They will be carried out during the month of May.  There have been some changes in the tests this year, and the video below explains these changes very clearly.  You may also find the attached parents' guide useful.