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    Our curriculum for Years 1-6 is in line with the National Curriculum as required of an ODST school.  You can look at the National Curriculum in more detail here.  Our Foundation Class follow the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  More information on that can be found here.

    Below you will find our whole school curriculum plan, based broadly on a series of Learning Challenges.  This is a working document used by teachers and so will be subject to change and adaptation as the year progresses – it will also be adapted in line with pupils’ interests and learning to ensure it reflects appropriate challenge.  Further information about each term’s curriculum can be found in the class newsletters which are on class pages.  You will also find below further documents giving more detail on the Maths and English Curriculum as well as expectations for each age group.    

    Finally you will find a leaflet outlining our approach to assessment as well as a summary of changes to the assessment process as National Curriculum levels have now been phased out  There is an excellent video clip which explains why the Government decided to allow schools the freedom to design their own assessment framework here.  

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