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    School Council

    Last year School Council worked with Sue Biggs, Chairman of the Parish Council, on giving a children's viewpoint to the neighbourhood plan.  They also organised a fantastic Takeover Day which children applied for jobs across the school, from teaching PE lessons to health and safety monitoring to blowing the whistle.  There were even a whole group of Headteachers doing a learning walk.    

    At the end of the year, School Council organised a pupil survey, which will set their action plan for this year.  So far, our new School Council have decided to support Readifood food bank with a collection for Harvest.  They are going to work with Mrs Seymour to think of ways to make our school healthier, and later in the year will be thinking of ways to support a school in Cambodia.


    • Lego WeDo

      School Council prepared and presented to KESA a bid to buy a class pack of Lego Wedo to support our learning of the new Computing curriculum.  This is a great addition to the ipads which were bought with funds raised last year, which already allow us to use the Beebot App and Scratch Jr.  We are delighted that the KESA committee agreed with us and look forward to our Digital Leaders helping each class get started!