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  • General


    We pride ourselves on being very active and healthy at Kidmore End School.   We have the opportunity to learn lots of different sports and can take part in different competitions throughout the year. 

    Since September 2013 schools have been provided with specific PE and Sports Funding to improve PE provision and access to competition.  This has allowed us to focus resources to great effect and led to successes in football, cross country, swimming and notably in Athletics, where Year Five and Six reached the County Final in both Sports Hall Athletics and Quad Kids, finishing the year as Sports Hall Champions.    

    You can find out more about the impact of last year's funding and how we are spending this year's allocation in the documents below.  The guidance for spending funds can be found on the DfE website using this link.


    Children in Years 3 and 4 swim as part of their National Curriculum PE provision.  Lessons take place at Queen Anne's School and are provided by Swimday.  We are required to publish details of swimming attainment which can be found in the Impact  report below.  

  • School Games Bronze Award

    Our work to involve everyone in sport and inter-school competition has been recognised by the award of the Bronze School Games Mark.  

    • Cross Country

      Please see details of this Autumn/Winter Cross Country series of races attached.