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  • General

  • Topic 1

    Our teacher is Mrs Potter

    Our teaching assistants are Mrs Bailey, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Rose and Mrs Laverick

    • Topic 2

      Star Of The Week!

      Star of the week is given out during Monday assembly.

      • Topic 3

        Welcome to Year One!

        Daily checklist:

        • Reading folder
        • P.E. kit
        • Drinks bottle
        • Waterproof coat
        • Do you know if you are having a packed lunch or a hot school dinner?
        • Are you on the school bus?

        • Topic 4

          How can you help you child to learn at home?

          Daily reading is an invaluable way of helping your child. You may also find it useful to practise recognising and sounding out the high frequency words that are in your child's reading folders. 

          The reading bands act as a useful guideline for how your child is progressing in reading but they are not the only indicator. The order of the bands are as follows:








          free choice

          If you would like to further support your child's maths learning at home you may find the following useful. These are not meant to be 'jobs' but a fun way of spending a few minutes together!